SEEWORLD REAL ESTATE SEEWORLD REAL ESTATE PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT SEEWORLD TURKEY,SEEWORLD, real estate, project, portfolio, management, Residential, Sale, Marketing, activity, construction, company, PAMUKÇU GROUP, Associate, PAMUKÇUOĞLU CONSTRUCTION, PAMUK STRUCTURE, soil, contract, valley, 2nd hand, second hand, Operations, completion, provide, reliable, institutional, implementation, country SEEWORLD TURKEY SEEWORLD real estate project portfolio management continues its Residential Sales and Marketing activities of our construction companys of PAMUKÇU GROUP Associate; PAMUKÇUOĞLU CONSTRUCTION and PAMUK STRUCTURE. Also, soil sales contract with valley or used Residential Sales & Marketing Operations After completion of the project is to provide a reliable institutional and in implementation in the area of the country Construction Project Portfolio Management.