Human being is the most valuable and indispensable for the "Pamukçu Group".

Creating a safer and healthier work environment, work-related accidents and occupational diseases that can occur adopt to minimize business as a priority target,
On occupational health and safety laws and regulations to comply with,
Company employees, subcontractors and ensure the health and safety of all visitors,
The establishment of occupational health and safety awareness and to raise awareness by educating all employees and subcontractors to develop,
We have been active in all areas of occupational health and safety standards to select the appropriate applications and to make work in this direction,
Work accidents and occupational diseases to reduce the risk of ergonomic and healthy work environments,
Construction of the project and ensure we produce the appropriate personal protective equipment where necessary to ensure the architectural design and the use of appropriate equipment,
Workplace hazards by evaluating the acceptable level of risk analysis to bring,
Occupational health and safety policies to ensure that participants be open to interested parties by holding an open safety culture and create continuous improvement.

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