Our group, operates in the fuel, tourism, automotive, household appliances, and the construction industry since 1957.

Realize innovative and successful work in all areas where we operate and see if their result is positive contributions to our country is the biggest reward for us.
See it growing every day our group took very important steps towards the institutionalization parallel and dedication to continue the efforts in this direction; Our success to date gives important clues will continue in the future. In parallel with our work; continued without compromising our core values ​​we want to maintain our sustainable growth.

All areas in which our group who achieved successful results at hand; Investing in projects carried out in 2015 to add to their success as has added three brand new ones.
Economies of the locomotive sector, which can not be sold in time to the Sales valleys contracts in the construction sector construction projects Residential Sales & Marketing Operations for Enterprise, Innovation and to provide a reliable way to execution, '' SEEWORLD Asset Management has started to operate as a brand.

Real estate, our country is known worldwide as always remained the most popular investment vehicle. In particular, professional real estate sales and marketing franchise organizations, investors are extremely profitable and promising business model, the quality is to the investors for the implementation of the Sales & Marketing activities of the Construction Project 'Franchise' delivery and professional services Seeworld to ensure network expansion Turkey Brand of the 2015 service He began to give.

Today's growing importance on the world acclaimed and long hours we spend in interior design living conditions brought about by the residual value is sought. One with a straight to take the place of subjectivity in the regulation of space experts who were heard more than we needed. At this point, Architectural Design and Decoration industry in the 'UMP Architectural Design' 'We are proud to bring the brand.
In all our areas of business activities it has made the necessary feasibility study and move the plan drawn by the result. We believe that if we are to get to grips with any subject of science that success is inevitable here. In short, work can tell our values ​​necessary to mention the following keywords;

Customer focus, innovation, resource optimization, sustainable business model, institutional management, application knowledge before then, planned work, courage and goal-oriented ...

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